Research Seminars:

Mandatory course for 1st year PhD students at the DTIC.  The specific competencies covered by the PhD course are non-technical skills and management processes required to conduct research projects and work in international teams, such as:

  • the capability to present objectives and results to specialized and layman audiences;

  • anticipate the ethical implications of own research

  • basic project and self-management skills, especially those linked to networking, team working and collaboration

  • understand the critical aspects linked to Intellectual Property Rights and related legal aspects

  • the optimal use of all tools available at UPF and the PhD program to conduct the PhD project covered via the PhD training seminars

  • Increase the knowledge of the research conducted in the broad range of ICT areas covered by the research groups involved in the program and their collaborators covered via the Integrative Research Seminars.

Information and schedule of specific seminars available at the DTIC web site.

Student Assignment 

Student are required to

  1. Attend at least 15 hours of seminars during the academic year.

  2. Write a 4 page report on the different topics of the seminar and attach it to your research proposal.


Aurelio Ruiz – [email protected]