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Faculty and Research Positions: NLP Software Architect

Faculty and Research Positions: NLP Software Architect

NLP Software Architect

We want to cover the position with a researcher with experience combining Natural Language Processing and Software Architecture. The main task is to organize and develop an architecture that allows the integration of the different research areas of the group comprising:
- Speech processing
- Text processing including, POS taggers, syntactic analysis, NER, coreference...
- Deep Parsing and Semantic information extraction
- Text Generation
- Text Simplification
- Text Summarization
We expect a researcher with a broad view of the technology fields the group is working in. Among his/her tasks there will be: Design of an infrastructure and framework to be used in different projects to integrate the different technologies developed by the group.
Support in writing proposals with special emphasis on the project architecture and data management.
Work in a platform that allows the exploitation of the technologies of the group in an industrial environment.
Do research in computational linguistics reinforcing some of the areas the group is working in.
Previous experience in NLP frameworks and infrastructures is a requisite.
The group works in several European Projects, previous work in some European projects is a plus.
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