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Defences of proposals for thesis projects (DTIC)

Defences of proposals for thesis projects (DTIC)

At the end of the first year, every PhD student should produce a thesis proposal that will be defended in front of a committee of 3 members. The objective of this examination is to evaluate a student's ability to undertake original research at the PhD level.  The PhD thesis proposal is the first stage in the PhD program, and one of the most important ones, as it covers first achievements by the candidate and defines the final project.
Each presentation is scheduled for a total of about 35 minutes (20 minutes of presentation plus 15 minutes for questions from all the committee members).  

There are two calls for ordinary defenses, normally July or September and the second assessment defenses defenses in always take place between October and March.


Defences are open to the public, so anyone in the Department and beyond is welcome to attend.