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Thesis Defence: Marta Nuñez García

Thesis Defence: Marta Nuñez García





Left atrial parameterization and multi-modal data analysis: application to atrial fibrilation


Dr. Marta Núñez García

Thesis supervisors: Dr. Óscar Cámara & Dr. Costantine Butakoff (BSC)



Thesis Brief Description:
In my thesis I developed computational tools to analyse multi-modal data related to atrial fibrillation. Among them, a fully automatic framework to segment the left atria from late gadolinium enhanced cardiac magnetic resonance imaging; a quasi conformal flattening method for obtaining a standardised two-dimensional representation of the left atrial cavity that simplifies data inspection and allows comparison of different atria; and a methodology to detect and measure the incompleteness of ablation lesions after pulmonary vein isolation in an unambiguous, consistent and reproducible way. Finally, thanks to our close collaborations with different hospitals, we applied the previously mentioned tools and other computational techniques to real clinical datasets showing how our methods can be transferred and included into clinical research practice. 
Experience as a PhD Student: 
It is quite complicated to summarize my experience as a PhD student in just a couple of sentences... During these 4 years at UPF I felt like on a roller coaster many times. Overall, I feel lucky and grateful for having had the opportunity of getting involved in such exciting research environment. I had the opportunity of working close by the clinicians in the Hospital Clinic, learning from them, and getting to know the challenges of clinical research. I also had the opportunity of participating in several conferences, summer schools, and of doing a research stay in Shanghai, something that I could not imagine when I started here. It was hard many times, lots of work, failures, obstacles, disappointments, etc. but without any doubt, the best part of this experience has been to share my days with such great colleagues. I can not imagine a better working environment, feeling their understanding and support during the bad moments has been essential to me and I am already missing them.