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Nonlinear Time Series Analysis Group

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Since 2011 Ralph Gregor Andrzejak is an Associate Professor at our Department. He was born in Düsseldorf, Germany (1970) and studied physics at the University Bonn, Germany. His work is positioned at the interface between physics, applied mathematics, neuroscience and neurology. Prof. Andrzejak's main expertise lies in nonlinear signal analysis as well as its application to neuronal dynamics and other real-world dynamics. For example, he applies nonlinear methods to EEG recordings from epilepsy patients with regard to the localization of epileptic foci and the prediction of epileptic seizures. Apart from using established methods, he constantly develops innovative nonlinear signal analysis techniques. Here an emphasis is placed on the detection of nonrandom structure and directional couplings in dynamical systems as well as the concept of surrogates. A total of 53 publications of Prof. Andrzejak are listed in the ISI Web of Science by January 2015. These are 36 journal articles published in leading journals of physics, neuroscience, neurology, and engineering as well as conference contributions and editorial work. In the ISI-Web of Science his work receives more than 2000 citations (h-index 21).