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"la Caixa" Social Research 2019

"la Caixa" Social Research 2019

Granted Projects



In May 2019 ”la Caixa” Foundation launched the first edition of the “la Caixa” Social Research Call for Proposals, which provides grants to social research projects led by research institutions in Spain with a duration of up to two years.

More than 500 proposals were submitted, and after a very competitive selection process, only 13 projects have been granted.

Number of submitted proposals 524
Number of evaluated proposals 493
Number of proposals preselected in phase 1.1 200
Number of proposals preselected in phase 1.2 100
Number of full proposals called to Face-to-Face Selection Panel 26
Number of projects awarded 13

The project SR0225- EPHoCaS, The social urgency of a growing elderly population: Building sustainable home care services, with Dr. Jesica de Armas as principal investigator leader, has been selected to receive one of the grants offered. Details of this project can be checked at


The selected projects are listed in

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