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Department | School of Engineering External Advisory Board Meeting

DTIC External Advisory Board visit in May


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The Board is composed of Prof. Elisa Bertino, Nuria Oliver, PhD, Prof. David Harel, Natalia Olson-Urtecho and Francesc Fajula de Quintana. Members of the External Advisory Board stayed in Barcelona for two days, and Prof. Vladimir Estivill-Castro, Prof. Angel Lozano, Prof. Boris Bellalta, Prof. Vanesa Daza, Prof. Jorge Lobo, Prof. Miquel Oliver, Prof. Horacio Saggion, Carme Buisan, Aurelio Ruiz Garcia and others, hosted them at the Department's premises. Conversations about the different research and teaching activities developed took place and the presentation of new projects and insightful ideas.

In one of these sessions, Prof. Vicenç Gómez Cerdà presented the EMAI programme, its curriculum, main features, mobility options, and specialisation tracks. There was a great conversation and exchange of ideas about this first Erasmus Mundus Joint Master coordinated by the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.



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