Admissions for Visiting and EDP Students

The GPEFM also accepts a number of visiting students who are interested in spending one, two or three quarters at UPF. During their stay at UPF, they will be treated as regular PhD students. However, they will not be considered for financial aid. After the successful completion of their exams they will receive credits for the courses followed.

Visiting PhD Students are welcome in the PhD programme but their number will be limited by the availability of office and computer space. The GPEFM will decide how many will be allowed every year. There is an enrolment fee for visiting students.

EDP students must provide a letter from their local coordinator showing that they have been admitted to this program. There is no enrolment fee for EDP students.

All applications must be made on the GPEFM application form provided by the Program.

After its reception the GPEFM Office will contact the candidate to ask him/her to provide the following documents:

  • Two letters of recommendation (only for Visiting Students) / One of them must be from a UPF-DEE faculty member if the applicant does not want to follow courses but just do a research stay.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Passport (or NIF for Spanish citizens) photocopy
  • Proof of being registered in a PhD Program