MRes in Economics, Finance and Management


The Master of Research in Economics, Finance and Management (MRes) represents the second year course work in the PhD in Economics, Finance and Management at UPF. It is a one-year of courses preparing for the conduction of research. The MRes offers a wide variety of specialized courses taught by the leading international faculty of the Department of Economics and Business and CREi, presenting cutting-edge research and facilitating finding topics for the research and thesis directors.


Academic Contents:

    • Research Seminar (10 ECTS) The purpose of this seminar is to help students develop into producers as opposed to consumers of research. It focusses on key dimensions of research methodology for the social sciences as well as exposure to the research of various faculty members, who present their own research. The collection of presentations is diverse in topics and methodology.
    • Attendance to DEE Seminar Series (4 ECTS) 
  • ADVANCED RESEARCH - 36 ELECTIVE ECTS - In order to obtain in-depth knowledge of a particular area of study, this module includes attending courses. These cover four areas: Advanced Macroeconomics, Advanced Microeconomics, Advanced Finance and Advanced Management. Selection of specific courses within areas may be decided together with a tutor and depends on the research interests of the students.
  • MASTER THESIS (10 ECTS) - COMPULSORY The thesis should demonstrate the student's ability to understand relevant research and the ability to write a paper that complies with academic standards.


Students will obtain the following degree upon the successful completion of the MRes:
Master of Research in Economics, Finance and Management (60ECTS)