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Timo Sohl won the Corporate Strategy IG Best Paper Award from the Strategic Management Society

Timo Sohl won the Corporate Strategy IG Best Paper Award from the Strategic Management Society

UPF Department of Economics and Business professor receives Best Paper Award at the 2020 Strategic Management Society Annual Conference.


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UPF Department of Economics and Business professor Timo Sohl recently won the Best Paper Award of the Corporate Strategy Interest Group from the Strategic Management Society (SMS). The SMS Annual Conference is the largest and most prestigious conference in the field of Strategic Management.

The Corporate Strategy IG considers the decisions, actions, and outcomes associated with an organization's portfolio of business lines. Each year the Corporate Strategy IG selects the best paper submitted for presentation at the SMS annual conference.    

Prof. Sohl's winning paper (co-authored by Brian McCann, Vanderbilt University and Govert Vroom, IESE Business School), examines how economic shocks might permeate throughout diversified firms. The role of corporate parents in transferring resources to support divisional performance has long been of interest in corporate strategy research. However, relatively little is known about conditions under which parent-division links also serve as conduits for the transfer of negative events. The study begins by arguing that the effects of parent-specific crises spread to divisions, resulting in significantly reduced sales growth in these divisions compared to divisions for which the parent is not exposed to a crisis. The authors contend, however, that the intensity of shock transmission is attenuated when divisions have greater direct and indirect experience, better access to external capital, and when parents are more diversified. Analyses of about 2,000 geographic divisions of multinational retail firms across almost 100 host countries provides evidence largely supportive of these arguments.

Find out more about Prof. Timo Sohl on his personal website: https://timosohl.com.





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