Vés enrere Cuadras-Morató, Xavier

Cuadras-Morató, Xavier

Xavier Cuadras-Morató
PhD University of York
Titular d'Universitat (on leave)

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Monetary Theory and History, Financial History, Health Economics.


  • Cuadras Morató, Xavier, and Raya, Josep Maria. Boycott or Buycott? Internal Politics and Consumer Choices, The BE Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, 16 (1), 185-218, January 2016
  • Cuadras Morató, Xavier, and Mateos-Planas, Xavier. Overeducation and skill-biased technical change, The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics (Advances), 13 (1), 2013
  • Cuadras Morató, Xavier. Circulation of Private Notes during a Currency Shortage, Manchester School, 77 (4), 2009