A càrrec de Colin F. Camerer (California Institute of Technology - Caltech)

"Cognitive hierarchy game theory: Evidence from the lab, field and brain"

Standard game theory relies for precision on the concept of equilibrium: In equilibrium, players optimize given their beliefs about what other players will do, and their beliefs are correct. This lecture is about an alternative approach using a hierarchy of beliefs. Evidence for this approach comes from hundreds of lab experiments, as well as fiels applications such as consumer naivete in judging quality from movie reviews. There is also evidence from neuroscience about hierarchical thinking encoded in brain activity. A recent topic is tying the choices of non-strategic "level 0" players to salience of strategies, illustrated by an algorithm for predicting visual salience in choosing locations from images.

Dimecres, 24 d'octubre del 2018

Hora: 11.00 h.

Lloc: Auditori de Ciutadella (Ramon Trias Fargas, 25)