PhD in Economics, Finance and Management

The Department of Economics and Business congratulates its 2022 PhD class for their success this year in the job market.


Castells, Madalen

Job Market Paper:

Private Safe-Asset Supply and Economic Instability 

Placement: European Central Bank

Advisor: Prof. Victoria Vanasco

Chiavari, Andrea

Job Market Paper:

The Macroeconomics of Rising Returns to Scale: Customer Acquisition, Markups, and Dynamism

Placement: University of Oxford

Advisors: Prof. Isaac Baley and Prof. Edouard Schaal

Donati, Dante

Job Market Paper:

The End of Tourist Traps: a Natural Experiment on the impact of Tripadvisor on Quality Upgrading

Placement: Columbia Business School

Advisor: Prof. Maria Petrova 

Gisbert, Josep

Job Market Paper:

Fintech, Bank Branch Closings,and Mortgage Markets 

Placement: IE Business School

Advisor: Prof. José Luis Peydró 

Guan, Rui

Job Market Paper:

Improving Individual Consistency under Cognitive Limitations: The Effect of Sequential Elimination

Placement: University of Kent

Advisors: Prof. Jose Apesteguia and Prof. Francesco Cerigioni

Gutierrez, Angelo

Job Market Paper:

Business Cycles when Consumers Learn by Shopping

Placement: Banco de México

Advisors: Prof. Jordi Galí and Prof. Davide Debortoli

Jagadits, András

Job Market Paper:

Emigration and Local Structural Change: Evidence from (Austria)-Hungary in the Age of Mass Migration

Placement:Analysis Group (London)

Advisor: Prof. Joan Monràs

Lee, Adam

Job Market Paper:

Robust and Efficient Inference for Non-Regular Semiparametric Models

Placement: BI Norwegian Business School

Advisor: Prof. Geert Mesters

Manini, Raffaele

Job Market Paper:

Board of Directors’ Composition and Directors’ Skill Sets: It’s All about Fit!

Placement: Warwick Business School

Advisors: Prof. Oriol Amat and Prof. Javier Gómez Biscarri

Pirla, Sergio

Job Market Paper:

Happiness without a Financial Safety Net (with Jordi Quoidbach)

Placement: Aarhus University (Postdoc)

Advisors: Prof. Daniel Navarro and Prof. Jordi Quoidbach

Yesilbayraktar, Ugur

Job Market Paper:

European Integration and the Rise of Superstar Cities

Placement: University of Duisburg-Essen (Postdoc)

Advisors: Prof. Giacomo Ponzetto and Prof. David Nagy


For our previous placements, please see our list of alumni.