Admissions 2023-24


Economics and Finance

Admissions to the PhD program at UPF are handled through applications to the Barcelona School of Economics (BSE) Master’s Degree in Economics and Finance: PhD Track, which is Year 1 of the PhD program. The first deadline is on January 15th and decisions can be expected to be communicated by mid-late February. Applications meeting this deadline are strongly encouraged. Applications after January 15th and received no later than March 15th, will be considered until the program reaches capacity.


Management: Behavioral Science / Business / Operations / Statistics

Admissions to the PhD program at UPF, in these areas, are handled through application to the Master of Research [Requirements / Application], which is Year 2 of the PhD program. Applicants should have completed 5 years of higher education (300 ECTS, typically a 4 year undergraduate degree and a Masters' degree in their area of specialization) to be eligible for application. Applications are opening on November 15th, and the deadline is January 15th. 


Admission in Year 3 Only in very exceptional circumstances is it possible to directly access the proper Doctorate (Year 3 onwards). As a rule, applicants to Doctorate must hold a research-oriented Master’s degree (MRes or MPhil) in Economics awarded by a notable institution. Applications from former students of the MRes in Economics, Finance and Management at the UPF are given priority in the admission process. [Requirements / Application]


Visiting Students

The PhD Program regularly accepts some visiting PhD students from other schools. For applications please refer to Marta Araque ([email protected])

The fee for visiting students is € 1000 per quarter. 

The fee covers the use of an office and access to the IT facilities. It also allows attendance to up to two courses. The fee must be paid by the third week of term or facility access may be removed.

Admissions Visiting Students