Rossi, Barbara

ICREA Research Professor
Despatx: 20.207
PhD Princeton University

+34 93 542 1655
[email protected]
Ramon Trias Fargas, 25-27 08005 Barcelona


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Research interests: Time Series Econometrics, Applied International Finance and Macroeconomics

Assistant: Anna Cano (CREI)



Carrasco, Marine, and Rossi, Barbara. In-sample Inference and forecasting in misspecified factor models, forthcoming in Journal of Business and Economic Statistics

Anderson, Emily, Inoue, Atsushi, and Rossi, Barbara. Heterogeneus consumers and fiscal policy shocks, forthcoming in Journal of Money, Credit and Banking

Inoue, A., Jin, L., and Rossi, Barbara. Optimal window selection in the presence of possible instabilities, forthcoming in Journal of Econometrics