Ippolito, Filippo

Ramon y Cajal Researcher
Despatx: 20.2E20
PhD Oxford University

+34 93 542 2578
[email protected]
Ramon Trias Fargas, 25-27 08005 Barcelona


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Assistant: Modou Fofana
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Ippolito, Filippo, Perez-Oribe, Ander, and Ozdagli, Ali. Bank Loans and the Transmission of Monetary Policy: the Floating Rate Channel, Journal of Monetary Economics, Volume 95, May 2018

Ippolito, Filippo, Peydró, José Luis, Polo, Andrea, and Sette, Enrico. Double Bank Runs and Liquidity Risk Management, Journal of Financial Economics, 122 (1): 135-154, October 2016

Acharya, Viral, Almeida, Heitor, Ippolito, Filippo, and Pérez Orive, Ander. Lines of Credit as Monitored Liquidity Insurance, Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming, 2013

Colla, Paolo, Ippolito, Filippo, and Li, Kai. Debt Specialization, Journal of Finance, (68:5), October 2013.