Lugosi, Gábor

ICREA Research Professor
Despatx: 20.2E04
PhD Hungarian Academy of Sciences

+34 93 542 2766
[email protected]
Ramon Trias Fargas, 25-27 08005 Barcelona


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Research interests: Information theory, nonparametric statistics, probability

Assistant: Susana Gough
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Germano, Fabrizio, and Lugosi, Gábor. Global Nash Convergence of Foster and Young’s Regret Testing, Games and Economic Behavior, Vol. 60, 135-154, 2007

Udina, Frederic, Gyorfi, L., and Lugosi, Gábor. Nonparametric kernel-based sequential investment strategies, Mathematical Finance, Vol. 16 (2) pp. 337-357, 2006