Garcia Villar, Jaume

Catedràtic d'Universitat
Despatx: 20.223
PhD London School of Economics

+34 93 542 1755
[email protected]
Ramon Trias Fargas, 25-27 08005 Barcelona



RESEARCH INTERESTS: Econometrics, Labor economics



  • Akin, Ozlem, Garcia Montalvo, José,Garcia Villar, Jaume, Peydró, J. L., and Raya, Josep M. The Real State and Credit Bubble: Evidence from Spain, SERIEs, 5, 223-243, 2014
  • Garcia Villar, Jaume, Lera, Fernando, Suárez, María José. Estimation of a Structural Model of the Determinants of the Time Spent on Physical Activity and Sport: Evidence for Spain, Journal of Sports Economics, 12, 515-537, 2011
  • Garcia Villar, Jaume, and Raya, Josep M. Price and Income Elasticities of Demand for Housing Characteristics in the city of Barcelona, Regional Studies, 45, 597-608, 2011