Vés enrere Active Charter Training through Interaction Of National Experiences

ACTIONES - Active Charter Training through Interaction Of National Experiences

ACTIONES - Active Charter Training through Interaction Of National Experiences

ACTIONES is a EU funded project under the coordination of the EUI Centre for Judicial Cooperation, and involving 17 partners: 7 academic institutions, a European-wide association of judges, and 9 national institutions entrusted with the task to train judges and lawyers.

ACTIONES starts on November 1st, 2015 and lasts until October 31st, 2017. 

ACTIONES project is based on the premise that a high and coherent standard of fundamental rights protection within the EU requires way more than simple knowledge on the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. This must be complemented by deep social and political sensitivity, awareness and swiftness in adopting procedural solutions offered by various legal orders, openness to their products, and readiness to engage in exchanges of views. These qualities must be nurtured with the awareness of time and resource limitations judges and lawyers face in their everyday work. The Project aims at providing answers to all the above needs through a set of transnational and local training events, which will be based on an easy-to-use toolkit through which legal practitioners will become familiar with the techniques of vertical and horizontal interaction between European and national courts, ensuring the effective implementation of the European Charter of fundamental rights and adequate remedies to its violations.

Investigadors principals

Fabrizio Cafaggi (Centre for Judicial Cooperation, European Univesity Institute)


Federica Casarosa; Deirdre Curtin; Claudia de Concini; Philippe de Bruicker; Madalina Moraru; Anna Triandafyllidou (Centre for Judicial Cooperation)
Markus Thoma (Association of European Administrative Judges)
Sacha Garben (College of Europe)
Marina Gutschy (Croatian Judicial Academy)
Madit Ernits (Estonian Supreme Court)
Elisabetta Noli; Karolina Podstawa (European Inter-University Centre)
Traian Briciu; Monica Livescu (National Association of the Romanian Bars)
Anna Mendel (Polish National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution)
Octavia Spineanu-Matei (Romanian National Institute of Magistracy)
Tadeja Jelovšek (Slovenian Judicial training Centre)
Cristina Beilfuss (Spanish General Council for the Judiciary)
Chantal Mak (University of Amsterdam)
Saša Zagorc (University of Ljubjana)
Laura PIneschi; Nicole Lazzerini (University of Parma)
Aida Torres-Perez; Maria Isabel González Pascual; Alejandro Saiz Arnaiz; Joan Solanes Mullor (University of Pompeu Fabra)
Maria Bergström (University of Uppsala)
Luca Perilli (Italian School for the Magistracy)

European Commission

Reference number: 4000006871

20.030,40 €