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E-learning National Active Charter Training

E-learning National Active Charter Training

e-NACT (e-learning National Active Charter Training) will provide training activities and tools in areas of crucial importance for the application of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights: asylum and migration; data protection; children rights; social rights in the labour field; and freedom of expression. Its main objective is to assist national legal practitioners to become familiar with the application of the Charter.

e-NACT will create an easy-to-use training toolkit consisting of traditional and e-learning tools that will be the basis for a set of 16 training events targeting national judges, lawyers and other selected legal practitioners. It will promote judicial interaction, which will booster mutual trust and cooperation among domestic legal practitioners. Additionally, the database of national caselaw set up through previous CJC projects will be extended.

At least 422 legal practitioners across varied Member States will be trained. This number will be multiplied by training the trainers themselves and making the toolkit freely available online (in its entirety) upon the Project completion.

Expected results:

  • Increasing awareness and capability of legal practitioners to use judicial interaction techniques as a way to enhance the effectiveness of Charter in topical areas of the Union’s activity.
  • Consolidating a sound training toolkit that will assist national trainers to pass the knowledge gathered to other legal practitioners.
  • Ensuring that the successful outcomes of previous CJC-led Projects are kept alive and updated.
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