Seda Karanfil Seda Karanfil

Director: Mario Bisiada

Tema: The research focuses on one of the most vulnerable groups in Turkey; trans individuals, and reiterative semantic patterns employed by a selection of mainstream and independent Turkish newspapers in order to address trans identities. The initial part will scrutinize the norm and value system of the Turkish society with a cultural, religious, political and historical approach. Subsequently, the seminal features and functions of the Turkish newspapers, constituent components of the upcoming corpus, will be at stake. Particularly, the discrepancies between the mainstream and independent press will be figured on, and expectedly this abovementioned descriptive analysis will facilitate the comprehension of the Turkish context which is relatively disparate in comparison to the western one.

The following segment will be a qualitative analysis as the outcome of a quantitative one. In a narrower sense, a terminological analysis of the trans words such as trans individual (which stands for transgender in Turkish), transsexual, trans and transvestite will be carried out by consulting to the frequency lists, concordances and collocations. The aim of this semantic prosody analysis is to spot the terminological choices frequently utilized by the Turkish press and to discern whether they are represented favourably or unfavourably while negotiating trans identities. In a broader sense, the news articles/reports comprising the future corpus will be analysed by using social actors approach of Van Leeuwen. The timespan for the selection of news articles/reports is expected to be between 2016 and 2020 regarding the fact that the press and freedom of speech passed to a different phase with the 2016 military coup attempt in Turkey.