Madiha Munawar Madiha Munawar

Director: Mario Bisiada

Tema: The aim of this study is to explore the linguistic and discursive strategies used by media groups of different political affiliations in their use of political cartoons which serve to malign one political party while saving face of the other. Media plays an important role in controlling the minds of people to manipulate a situation. The current study focuses on the linguistic and visual analysis of political cartoons published from the 2018 elections in Pakistan through today. The project will use Van Dijk's (1997) framework in order to analyze the hidden ideologies. This study will analyze the ways cartoons are used as communicative tools on internet and print media to produce significant meaning on dominant political themes.

The proposed study builds on previous research (Shaikh et al., 2016) of a semiotic analysis of political cartoons published during the campaign of general election in 2013 in Pakistan. Studying cartoons is important in order to explore hidden ideologies. Political cartoons are utilized as rhetorical, social, cultural and political devices and are in need to be analyzed on micro as well as meso and macro levels. Political cartoons are generally produced and published due to some conflict of interest by different groups, and different groups have different ideologies and identities. In this study I will explore and analyze the conflict between the various groups through discourse analysis.