Paola Bermudez-Lekerika

Paola Bermudez-Lekerika is the Early Stage Researcher 9 - PhD candidate in the European Project "Disc4all". She graduated from the University of Navarra with a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry (2017) and Biochemisty (2019). Afterwards, she obtained her Master's Degree in Biomedical Research with a speciality in Regenerative Medicine and Advanced Therapies. Her current position is based in Tissue Engineering for Orthopaedics & Mechanobiology Lab, Department of Biomedical Research (DBMR), University of Bern. Her research focuses on understanding the key catabolic phenotypes involved in Intervertebral Disc Degeneration (IDD) and identifying in silico potential gene variants associated with this disease. Identification of these phenotypes and genetic variants could lead to a better understanding of IDD.


Francis Chemorion
Francis Chemoriona is the Early Stage Researcher 1 - PhD candidate in the European Project "Disc4all". He is ensuring collection of data from large data infrastructures, curating it with secondary data from models and simulations to come up with a robust integrated model which will be the basis of a central repository for the project with secured remote access and a comprehensive Data Governance framework. He is passionate about data and its use in powering innovation in research. He designs & develops modern enterprise data architectures by leveraging business intelligence tools, big data tools and creative problem solving. He develops software and systems that enable clients to surface information from their systems and draw insights that drive decision making. 




ESR * Project title Recruiting Participant Planned Start Month Duration (months) PhD Awarding entity
1 Management of clinical, biological & simulated data for uniform simulation workflows InSilicoTrials 3 36 UPF
2 Integrated solvers for bidirectional coupling of physical & biological events over multiple scales BSC-CNS 3 36 UPF
3 Enabling the exploration of IVD disease mechanisms in LBP on M&S platforms BSC-CNS 11 36 UB
4 Classification of IVD radiological signs and relation with SNP & multi-omics profiles OULU 3 36 OULU
5 3D modelling of the lumbar spine & automatic extraction of 3D morphological features in LDD GALGO 3 36 UPF
6 GWAS & Microbiome associated with main IVD phenotypes KCL 3 36 KCL
7 Experimental exploration of the microbiome in degenerated IVD SHU 3 36 SHU
8 Data-driven gene prioritization in LDD & phenome-genome relationships IMIM 6 36 UPF
9 Standardized in vitro static modelling & mechanism- based analyses of gene /protein /SNP at the cell /tissue & organ levels UBern 3 36 UBern, RIT
10 Standardized in vitro dynamic modelling & mechanism- based analyses of gene /protein /SNP at the cell /tissue & organ levels UBern 6 36 UBern
11 Signalling pathway construction & mechanism-based biomarker identification PAO 6 36 NTUA, RIT
12 In vitro & In silico modelling of CEP degeneration mechanisms ULG 3 36 ULG
13 Multiscale modelling of IVD cell activity & potential tissue turnover UPF 6 36 UPF
14 Bottom-up simulations of spatio-temporal degenerative events in the IVD & biological LDD stratification UPF 9 36 UPF
15 AI-based interpretation of lumbar MRI in discogenic LBP patient cohorts with & w/o data virtual enhancement OULU 11 36 OULU

*Early Stage Researchers, recruited during the Disc4All training programme