Training network to advance integrated computational simulations in translational medicine, applied to intervertebral disc degeneration: Disc4All


The European community requires early stage researchers (ESRs) who can work across the boundaries of traditional disciplines, integrating experimental and in silico approaches to understand and manage highly prevalent multifactorial disorders, such as musculoskeletal disorders. The Disc4All training network utilises intervertebral disc degeneration (LDD) leading to low back pain (LBP) as a relevant application for the integration of data and computational simulations in translational medicine, to enable rational interpretations of the complexity of the interactions that eventually lead to symptoms. [The Project]

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Acknowledgements Acknowledgements

European Commission (MSCA-2020-ITN-ETN GA: 955735) 
The work necessary to build the successful proposal Disc4All has received financial support from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation through the Europa Investigación (EUIN2017-89399) Ramon y Cajal (RYC-2015- 18888) and Maria de Maeztu (MDM-2015-0502) grant programmes.


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