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Current position:

Full professor in Audiovisual Communication and Advertisement. Director of the PhD Program in Information and Communication at University of Barcelona.


Academic training:

BA in Philosophy (University of Barcelona, 1990), PhD in Philosophy (University of Barcelona, 1998)


Research interests:

Information Visualization, Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Digital Communication, Digital Journalism, Digital Humanities.


Current research projects:

2019-2022: "Interactive storytelling and digital visibility in interactive documentary and structured journalism". RTI2018-095714-B-C21 (MICINN/FEDER). Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities (Spain). 44.165 €. PR: Dr. Pere Freixa Font / Dr. Lluis Codina Bonilla. Role: researcher.


Recent publications:

  • Cardenal, Ana Sofía; Aguilar, Carlos, Galais, Carol; and Pérez-Montoro, Mario (2019). Digital Technologies and Selective Exposure: How Choice and Filter Bubbles Shape News Media Exposure. The International Journal of Press/Politics. ISSN 1940-1612.

  • Pérez-Montoro, Mario (2018) (ed.). Interaction in Digital News Media: From Principles to Practice. London: Palgrave Macmillam (Springer Nature). ISBN 978-3-319-96252-8.

  • Pérez-Montoro, Mario and Codina, Lluís (2016). Navigation Design and SEO for Content-Intensive Websites: A Guide for an Efficient Digital Communication. Oxford: Elsevier (Chandos). ISBN 9780081006764.

  • Pérez-Montoro, Mario and Nualart, Jaume (2015). Visual Articulation of Navigation and Search Systems for Digital Libraries. International Journal of Information Management, v. 35, n. 5, pp. 572-579.

  • Nualart, Jaume and Pérez-Montoro, Mario (2013). Texty, a Visualization Tool to Aid Selection of Texts from Search Outputs. Information Research, v. 18, nº 2, paper 581. ISSN 1368-1613.

  • Ferran, Núria, Minguillon, Julià and Pérez-Montoro, Mario (2013). Key Factors in the Transfer of Information-Related Competencies between Academic, Workplace and Daily Life Contexts. Journal of The American Society for Information Science and Technology, v. 64, nº 6, págs. 1112-1121. ISSN 1532-2890.

  • Pérez-Montoro Gutiérrez, Mario (2010). Theoretical Perspectives on Content Management. Ferran, N. and Minguillón, J. (eds.) (2010). Content Management in E-leanrnig. New York: Springer. ISBN 978-1-4419-6958-3.

  • Pérez-Montoro Gutiérrez, Mario (2007). The Phenomenon of Information. A Conceptual Approach to Information Flow. Lanham (Maryland): Scarecrow Press. ISBN 978-0-8108-5942-5.


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