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Larrondo Ureta, Ainara

Department of Journalism
Senior Lecturer


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Current position:

Senior Lecturer, Journalism and Communication Department.


Academic training:

(University of the Basque Country)

  • Bachelor's Degree in Journalism.
  • Master's Degree in New Tendencies and Journalistic Information Media.
  • PhD. In Journalism.
  • Master in Contemporary History.


Research interests:

Online Journalism, Genres, newswriting and reporting and content formats, Digital Communication and Technological Innovation, Media Management, Journalism Teaching and Professional Development, Women, Feminism, Genre and media, Political, institutional and organisational Communication.


Current research projects:

  • News, networks and users in the hybrid media system, 2019-2021, Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.
  • Gureiker, Type A Consolidated Research Group of the Basque Government
  • Tools for the analysis of parliamentary discourses: polarization, subjectivity and affectivity in the post-truth era, UPV/EHU (Collaborative projects: Guriker-IXA Taldea, Faculty of Informatics of the UPV/EHU).


Recent publications:


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