The main objective of Eye Tracking Laboratory is the production of studies based on the monitoring of the look on the scream. The results allow quantify, analyse and evaluate the user behaviour and discover the degree of usability and the experience of the user in any interactive informatics system. In general, this technique is a good method to studies related to the usability and human-computer interaction. The monitor of eyed tracking Tobii 1750 that we use, connected to a computer with Tobii Studio software, capture the look between infrared. The software registers the name and the duration of the users look in multiples points of the scream and it generates quantitative and qualitative metrics. Some of the metrics are the statistics of the number of looks, de duration or the look on concrete areas of the scream. Other qualitative metrics are heatmaps or gazeplots. In addition, could be interesting to reproduced users individual records in real time to complete the results with a survey after the experiment.

In the past few years, Eye Tracking Laboratory has developed studies of:

  • The user's behaviour with graphical representation of information in conceptual maps
  • Users interaction with a differents representations of search engine results
  • The degree of usability of the new usefulness of Wikipedia.