The Digital Laboratory was constituted by some instruments to improve the navigation and recover information from the Web. The laboratory, developed in HUM2004-03162/FILO context, and finance by Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture, was formed by the products:

  • DigiDocMap: for conceptual maps creation.
  • DigiDocMenu: for pull-down menu
  • DigiDocIndex: is an index and generator of local and personalised  search engine
  • DigiDocSpider: a spider to recuperate data from the Web (presentation)
  • Metaeditor: editor and interactive metadata generator (presentation)
  • edition service and massive generation of meta-data

These tools had great use for documentalists, librarians, archivists, Web Site creators and innovator professional of digital culture. They worked by questionnaire and the final results were an HTML page or Javascript fragmentation code.  

DigiDocMap conceptual maps editor (no available)
Use examples: