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Alejandro Morales Vargas is a journalist and bachelor in Social Communication from the University of Chile; and Master in Digital Content Management from the University of Barcelona. Currently he is studying the PhD in Communication program at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, in Barcelona, ​​in the Digital Documentation and Interactive Communication Research Group (DigiDoc), where he is assistant researcher.

Faculty member of the Institute of Communication and Image (ICEI) of the University of Chile since 2003, with the rank of Assistant Professor, where he teaches at the School of Journalism. At postgraduate level, he has taught the courses "Information Architecture" and "User Experience Design" in the Diploma in Digital Communication; and "Electronic government and website usability" and "Digital communication and ICTs" in other academic programs. In 2007, he created and designed the first Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Journalism and Internet Media Management to be issued in Chile, of which he was Academic Coordinator until 2011.

On a professional level, since 2007 he is Head of Digital Media at the University of Chile, where together with his team he leads the information architecture, content generation, graphic design and programming of the web portal and the institutional platform of more than 200 academic unit websites, as part of its work in the Department of Information Services and Libraries (SISIB).

He has also worked as a journalist for the Chilean newspapers El Mercurio and Las Últimas Noticias; CONICYT research project evaluator in the communications area; reviewer of articles from journal; editor of the Cybermedia Observatory; and independent consultant in information architecture, UX and website quality audit.

His line of specialization is digital communication and his areas of interest as a researcher are: web quality, internet media, information architecture, digital journalism, multimedia, usability and user experience.

Participation in research projects

2020 – today. PhD student. "Interactive storytelling and digital visibility in interactive documentary and structured journalism" RTI2018-095714-B-C21 (MINECO, Spain / FEDER, UE).

2018 – 2019. Researcher in training. "Creation and interactive content in the communication of audiovisual information: audiences, design, systems and formats" CSO2015-64955-C4-2-R (MINECO,  España / FEDER, UE).

2014 – 2015. Researcher. "Visualización de datos interactiva en el campo de la Comunicación Social y el Periodismo" (DVINE) INNOV-1-14 University of Chile.

Latest publications

Morales Vargas, A., Pedraza-Jiménez, R., & Codina, L. (2020). Website quality: An analysis of scientific production [Calidad en sitios web: análisis de la producción científica]. Profesional de la Información, 29(5), e290508.

Apablaza-Campos, A.; Morales Vargas, A.; Lopezosa, C.; Salvat, J.; Codina, L. (2020). Social Media Live Streaming (SMLS) en medios digitales: el uso de Periscope, Facebook Live y YouTube Live en cibermedios chilenos. Dígitos. Revista de Comunicación Digital, 6: 219-238.

Morales Vargas, A., & Codina, L. (2019). Atributos de calidad web para repositorios de datos de investigación en, (19), 49-62.

Morales Vargas, A. (2019). Datos abiertos y visualización de información en sitios web de universidades chilenas: una asignatura pendiente. En L. Brossi & T. Dodds (Eds.), Visualización de datos: Periodismo y Comunicación en la era de la información visual (pp. 15-26). Santiago de Chile: Editorial Universitaria. 

Morales Vargas, A. (2019). Estudios sobre calidad web para el sector educativo. En N. Martins & D. Brandão (Eds.), Digicom 2019 – 3rd International Conference on Design and Digital Communication. Proceedings (pp. 235-243). Barcelos, Portugal: IPCA - Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e do Ave.

Codina, L., & Morales Vargas, A. (2019). Mendeley: red social, descubrimiento de información y gestión de referencias. Barcelona.    

Morales Vargas, A. (2016). Indicadores de rendimiento en sitios universitarios: Proyecto de analítica web para la Universidad de Chile. Universitat de Barcelona y Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

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