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Our laboratory is interested in the regulation of cell renewal, tissue remodelling and the acquisition of specific cell fates in a spatio-temporal order during organogenesis. We focus on the development of the inner ear to understand the signals and cellular events that lead to the senses of hearing and balance. Which signals allow the precise pattern of sensory neurons and hair cells, are those re-used during regeneration, how is patterning coupled with morphogenesis for a functional organ and how epithelia are organized? 

By combining high resolution imaging technologies with genetic, pharmacological and mechanical perturbations in zebrafish we can quantify dynamical cellular and molecular changes over tissues and manipulate them.


Research interests: regeneration, organogenesis, neural development, cell shape, cell communication, organ niche

Keywords: 4D imaging, transgenesis, gene manipualtion, transcriptomics, zebrafish, inner ear, sensory ganglia, crispr


Berta Alsina
Developmental Biology Research Group

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