Gosta Esping-Andersen

Professor at Pompeu Fabra University since 2000. He previously taught at Harvard, Trento and the EUI. He has published almost ten books, including the Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism, The Incomplete Revolution and, most recently, Quo Vadis Familia?He has been elected member of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences and also the British Academy.He received a doctor honoris causa from Copenhagen University in 2012. Financed by an ERC Advanced Grant, his current research is on changing gender roles and family dynamics -- hence the quo vadis familia title. 

Research objectives related to the Braudel award at EUI: I shall be pursuing two lines of research: one, re-analyzing intergenerational mobility models by including information on individuals' cognitive abilities. I also intend to examine the intergenerational transmission of the housewife status for women. Two, I intend to apply bargaining models to partnership outcomes. Here I will in particular focus on how an increase in the female partner's bargaining power influences the male's contribution to domestic work.


Alessandro Di Nallo

Alessandro has been a visiting PhD student at Università Bocconi under the supervision of Professor Francesco Billari. He has been carrying out his study on the association between men and women's family trajectories and their socio-economic background in the United Kingdom.