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Human-Mosquito Interaction Project

Human-Mosquito Interaction Project

The Human-Mosquito Interaction Project uses mobile phone positioning, DNA analysis of mosquito blood-meals, and citizen science, combined with traditional socio-demographic methods to trace the host-vector biting networks through which mosquito-borne diseases flow and illuminate the behavioral, socio-demographic, and environmental mechanisms that shape these networks. The results will make it possible to improve dynamic models of mosquito-borne disease and recommend targeted policy interventions for reducing disease risk in Europe and around the world. In doing this, the project addresses the critical need for greater social science perspective in mosquito-borne disease research, making it possible to better understand the socio-ecological context of a set of diseases that place enormous burdens on society and exacerbate social inequality. The project relies on an interdisciplinary team of researchers with expertise in socio-demography, ecology, entomology, molecular biology, network science, epidemiology, and related fields.


Start date - 01/04/2020

End date - 31/03/2025

Principal researchers

John Palmer
Frederic Bartumeus (CEAB-CSIC)
Marc Ventura (CEAB-CSIC)


Isis Sanpera
Federica Lucati
1.960.828 euros - European Research Council – Starting Grant.