15/12/20. "Family, Work and Welfare: A Gender Lens on COVID-19"

15/12/20. "Family, Work and Welfare: A Gender Lens on COVID-19"



Social Sciences - Special Issue

"Family, Work and Welfare: A Gender Lens on COVID-19" is now open for submissions!


The aim of the special issue is to present papers relevant for understanding the effect of the public health emergency generated by Covid-19 on gender inequalities and family relations, in order to help social scientists better address emerging challenges for contemporary families. The pandemic has been signalled for exacerbating gender inequalities and increasing domestic violence. These suspicions have encouraged many social scientists to rush in order to obtain real-time data on how people are responding to this unfolding circumstance. We invite submissions especially in the following topics, among others: new gender inequalities in time use during confinement; domestic violence; economic impact of covid-19 for working women; gender and health inequalities; gender difference in attending educational need of children at home; care of dependant relative; solidarity networks of care.

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Deadline for applications is 15 December 2020.






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