DemoSoc seminar by Peter Achterberg

DemoSoc seminar by Peter Achterberg



New Demosoc Seminar:

"Science wars: Public discontents with science in advanced information societies"


Speaker: Dr. Peter Achterberg, full professor at Tilburg Universtiy

Date: 27/04/20

Time: 15.00 h

Room: 40S14 (Roger de Llúria bdg.)



In recent years, many observers have been worried about the public legitimacy of science. After discussing the empirical evidence for this, showing that rumors about a so-called legitimacy crisis are greatly exaggerated, in this seminar, I'll discuss two major trends in the public understanding of science in advanced information societies. One is the changing way in which higher and lower educated people tend to trust science. The second is (the ongoing process of) fragmentation of scientific knowledge among lay audiences in more advanced information societies.  







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