DemoSoc seminar by Maike Van Damme

DemoSoc seminar by Maike Van Damme

Components of gender ideology in Europe: a replication and (possible extenstion)

Maike van Damme, Dimitris Pavlopoulos


Date: 03/04/19

Time: 12.00 h

Place: room 40.S14 (Roger de Llúria building)




Two recent articles (Grunow, Begall, & Buchler, 2018; Knight & Brinton, 2017) have concluded that gender ideology is not a continuum (from traditional to egalitarian), but rather a multidimensional concept. Such a finding is of utmost importance for cross-national comparative research. If robust, comparative studies could use the estimated average posterior probabilities of country contexts (the outcomes of latent class analyses) to assess their extent of traditionalism, liberal egalitarianism, egalitarian essentialism, and other dimensions of gender ideology. To evaluate the value of the findings of the two articles on the gender ideology multidimensional concept for new research, replication is necessary. Therefore, in this paper, we replicate both studies’ latent class analyses and examine how robust their findings are. Both articles have used the European Values Study (EVS) to examine gender ideology profiles, but both studies used a different sample of countries, different time periods, and different items. This might be the reason why the number and interpretation of the different latent gender ideology classes differ between the two studies. To what extent do we find different gender ideology profiles in the European Values Study? How sensitive is this result to the countries that are included in the sample? And how sensitive to the items included?