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Best PhD Paper Prize

Best PhD Paper Prize



The Research Commission of the Department of Political and Social Sciences at the UPF has decided, on the 4th of June, to award two PhD students' papers for the best PhD paper Prize.

One of these students is Jorge Cimentada membre of our DemoSoc Research Group:


Does curricular tracking explain SES gaps? An international comparison of the SES achievement gaps from 2000 to 2015

Author: Jorge Cimentada Abstract:

Jorge Cimentada paper discusses  a very interesting issue about education and the promotion of inequality. The  paper relies on cross-national data (PISA), which significantly widens the impact and relevance of its findings, making use of methodologically sophisticated analyses that also include statistical simulations that are informative, and provides detailed methodological and theoretical advances for a better understanding and measurement of the SES achievement gap. The paper is very well written and demonstrates a high analytical ability and very significant skills to deal with complex dataset in a very creative and productive way.