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DemoSoc is an interdisciplinary research group specialized in demographic and sociological analysis, as well as labor market and criminology studies. The group is oriented towards quantitative and comparative research across populations. 

The research objectives of the DemoSoc group are combined with its training capacity through the official master in Sociology and Demography and the PhD in Political and Social Sciences.

DemoSoc is as a Consolidated Research Group by the Government of Catalonia (AGAUR – Agency for Administration of University and Research Grants) since 2005. DemoSoc belongs to the Sociology area of the Political and Social Sciences Department (DCPIS) of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona.

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Demosoc Seminar held by Prof. Luis Ortiz

Demosoc Seminar held by Prof. Luis Ortiz



 "What Shape Great Expectations? Gender, social origin and country differences in students’ expectations of university graduation"
Presenter: Prof. Luis Ortiz
Date: 19/12/17
Time: 12.00 - 13.00 h
Place: 20.137 (Jaume I building)
Over the last decades, female educational attainment has progressively caught up with male one in many OECD countries. Expectations of university graduation have correspondingly been found to be higher among female adolescents than among male ones. The advantage is even higher for girls of lower social origin. In the present research, multilevel modelling and a two-step approach are applied to a combination of national-level data, on the one hand, and individual- and school-level data drawn from PISA 2003 on the other hand, in order to explain cross-national differences in lower expectations of university graduation among male kids of lowly educated parents. Attention is paid to gender egalitarianism, educational differentiation and economic structure. No evidence is found of the role of educational differentiation, but there are signs that gender employment gap and the size or strongly masculinised sectors (i.e. manufacturing and construction) are positively associated to a higher female advantage among daughters of lowly educated fathers.











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