Kimberly Goulart is currently pursuing her PhD in Sociology and Demography at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and is a member of the DemoSoc Research Group. Her thesis connects housing and the welfare state by examining how housing policy and, concomitantly, housing wealth affect social mobility and socio-demographic transitions. Her other academic interests include poverty, education, labour and employment, immigration and urban studies.


Kimberly Goulart holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Georgia State University, in Atlanta, Ga. and a Master’s degree in Sociology and Demography from UPF. Prior to returning to academia, Kimberly spent ten years in Washington, DC and New York, NY as a political consultant and public servant working on housing, financial services, immigration, and healthcare issues. In the aftermath of the US housing crisis, much of her work focused on mitigating income inequalities that were precipitated by the crisis.


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