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"Social inequality and disease-vector mosquitoes: An inter-species feedback loop"


Presenter: Prof. John Palmer, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Date: 24/10/17

Time: 15.00 h - 16.30 h

Place: 20.047



Mosquito-borne diseases are a growing problem worldwide and most of their burden falls on the poor. Tackling these diseases requires a better understanding of the intimate relationship between vector mosquitoes and their human hosts. This seminar will explore a potentially important hypothesis about this relationship: that there is positive feedback between disease-vector mosquitoes and social inequality. The hypothesis is not just that disease-vector mosquitoes exacerbate problems of inequality among humans, but that this inequality also drives the growth and stability of mosquito populations. The seminar will lay out evidence for the hypothesis from existing literature, present preliminary results from a citizen science project in Spain, and discuss challenges and future directions in this research.