Dr. Daniel Rajmil holds a PhD in Political Sciences from the Economics and Social Sciences Doctoral Program of the University of Vienna, a MA in Middle East studies, a MA in Applied Statistics, a BA in Political Sciences and a BA in Market Research/ Economics. 

Daniel Rajmil is Senior Lecturer at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) School of Law and Political Science, Adjunct Professor at the Political Sciences Faculty of Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and researcher at the UPF-BSM school where he coordinates the UPF-BSM AGBAR chair in sustainable studies.

His lines of research are International Relations,Comparative Politics, Nuclear Politics, Geopolitics and Geo-economics. He is the director of the UOC-UNITAR (UN Institute for Training and Research) master in Conflict, Peace & Security and he is the Research Coordinator and IP of the Catalan Government recognized research group in Geopolitics, Conflict and Human Rights (GEOCONDAH). 

His professional and academic experiences have been developed in different countries, having worked both for the private and public sectors; from consultant for international organizations to journalist correspondent for the Middle East. 

Parallel to his professional career, Dr. Rajmil has been active in the field of academic research through the involvement in different research projects in the area of conflict and international political economy, amongst others. Besides his academic career, he is a short term electoral observer for the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Media appearances: 3/24 TV3 Ser Catalunya

Research lines: Nuclear Politics, Middle East, International Conflict, Geopolitics and Geo-Economics, Applied Statistics. 

Publications: PPC Scientific OutputScientific Output

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