CSIM offers a number of options to help students with the cost of their fees and similar scholarships.

Most of these aids may be found through UPF's web page on Scholarships for Masters.

CSIM has been awarded the mention of Excellence Master by the "Catalunya-La Pedrera" Foundation. Thanks to this mention, the Foundation offers CSIM one scholarship every year for a student with Spanish nationality as descibed below.


Foundation "Catalunya-La Pedrera" Scholarship

The scholarship consists of 5.000,- €
Part of this money must be dedicated to paying the tuition fees of the master.
The rest will be put in a bank account under the name of the student for general expenses.

The scholarship will be awarded based on the following criteria that candidates must fulfil:

  • Must have a Spanish nationality.
  • Must register CSIM at full-time dedication.
  • Must have an Excellent Academic CV.

The student with excellent CV will be selected out of a ranked list.

Candidates must send their application e-mail to the secretary of the department.

The application e-mail must include:

  • Full Name and Surnames
  • A statement asking to include your application for the scholarship
  • Telephone number in case we need to contact you

NOTE: Your application will only be valid if you have successfully fulfilled your registration process to CSIM and have provided all the paperwork that has been asked for in the process.

The results will be notified in July via e-mail to the winning candidate.

For more information please contact the secretary.


  • The decision on the winners of the scholarships will done by an Evaluation Committee constituted by the Direction of the Master and Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera, as proposed by the direction of the master, and this decision will be final.
  • These scholarships are incompatible with any other scholarship or funding aid of any private or public funding entity, except in the case where Catalunya-La Pedrera may expressly authorise the compatibility.
  • The Evaluation Committee reserves the right to dismiss any application with insufficient information with regards to its evaluation. Should any special cases appear the Evaluation Committee will analyse them individually.
  • Provision of these scholarships is subject to current tax regulations.
  • Applying to these scholarships implies acceptance of these rules. Any unforeseen aspects will be resolved by Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera.