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Evolution of heteronormativity through a categorization of gender stereotypes. Analysis of the most popular music videos

  • Authors
  • Álvarez-Cueva, Priscila; Figueras-Maz, Mònica; Medina-Bravo, Pilar
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  • Articles de recerca
  • Journal títle
  • Profesional de la información
  • Publication year
  • 2021
  • Volume
  • 30
  • Number
  • 5
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  • 0-0
  • ISSN
  • 1386-6710
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  • Abstract
  • Representations of masculinity and femininity within the most listened-to commercial music and its evolution, based on a system of our own elaboration of 11 analytical categories of gender stereotypes that explore gender binarism, are examined. In so doing, qualitative and quantitative content analyses of 50 video clips of the most listened-to songs in two periods (2009 and 2019) are carried out. From a post-feminist critical perspective (Gill, 2007, 2017), the study verifies that gender binarism is maintained over time, albeit with important nuances in both years. The results conclude that the most prominent stereotypes are Western hegemonic femininity, associated above all with romantic narratives (mainly in 2009), and Western pariah femininity including dialogs with elements of greater sexualization (especially in 2019). On the other hand, Western Protestant masculinity is present in most of the songs associated with musical genres such as rap or hip-hop, in both periods; while Occidental assured masculinity, which is evident in 2019, is associated with the need to maintain the heteronormative and hegemonic representation of masculinity, even when not fitting the sexuality of the artist. The article concludes that, in ten years, there is an evolution of the heteronormativity among the most popular music videos, where dominant masculinity stereotype continues to be the heterosexual hegemonic masculinity model, in both the romantic and sexual context, while the representation of femininity shows some confrontation with the traditional model. This study contributes to other work on masculinities and femininities as it establishes categories that may be applied to different cultural products and social realities. © 2021, El Profesional de la Informacion. All rights reserved.
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  • Álvarez-Cueva, Priscila; Figueras-Maz, Mònica; Medina-Bravo, Pilar. Evolution of heteronormativity through a categorization of gender stereotypes. Analysis of the most popular music videos. Profesional de la información 2021; 30(5).
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