Lisa Kemmerer gives a talk on ecofeminism

Lisa Kemmerer gives a talk on ecofeminism



Lisa Kemmerer, an ecofeminist vegan philosopher-activist and professor of Philosophy and Religion at Montana State University Billings (US), visited Universitat Pompeu Fabra on September 14, 2017 in order to discuss “Ecofeminism” and “Overlapping Oppressions”. The workshop started with the introductions of people attending the workshop and continued with Lisa Kemmerer’s presentation. During her presentation, she focused on the term “Overlapping oppressions” and why it is very important to recognize that the struggle for women’s liberation is strongly connected to the abolition of all oppressions. “Pick one, it’s all together” she said while explaining this significant connection.

She stated that ecofeminism is the link between the denigration and exploitation of women and the natural world and, it is a very new and developing concept. She clarified this connection through everyday life examples referring to such concepts as sexism, capitalism, racism, speciesism, ableism. With the expressions like “Mother Nature, fertile land, virgin forests, raping the land, plowing field/deflowering, harvesting/withering on the vine, husbandry”, she focused on the demeaning and objectifying language. Parallel oppressions such as descripting both animal and woman body as objects of consumption on advertisements were one of the main discussion points in the workshop. At the end, questions have been asked, comments and ideas have been exchanged but one thought has become prominent: Every social justice activist should take into account the interconnected oppressions to be able to challenge the existing system.


Recommeded readings related with the talk:

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