Pilar Medina publishes in Discurso & Sociedad

Pilar Medina publishes in Discurso & Sociedad

Pilar Medina published an article entitled "Female empowerment: the trap of domisticated feminism" in the journal Discurso & Sociedad





This article reflects on the concept of ‘empowerment’ in the media. Based on the concept of patriarchy of consent (Puleo 2005, 2016, 2019), it is concluded that, in reality, the idea of empowerment is reinforcing sexual neoliberalism (de Miguel 2017) and gives rise to a new form of objectification of the body of women (Gill 2008, 2011). Although the current communicative guidelines of this reification do not follow the traditional ones, they continue to serve as disciplinary rhetoric.

Keywords: neoliberalism, sexualization, empowerment, patriarchy, media


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