Back Fortunat Miarintsoa gets his PhD in Communications

Fortunat Miarintsoa gets his PhD in Communications

The thesis is entitled "Diaspora, Identity, and Connectivity in the Digital Era. A Case Study of the Malagasy Migrants."



On February 25, 2022, by videoconference, the researcher Fortunat Miarintsoa defended his doctoral thesis on diaspora and the case of the Malagasy migrants. This thesis was directed by Dr. Carles Roca Cuberes of the CRTICC research group. The thesis committee consisted of Dr. Koen Leurs (University of Utrecht), as President; Dr. Francois Roubaud, (Paris Dauphine University) as Secretary; and Dr. Núria Almiron Roig (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) as Member.

Fortunat Miarintsoa addressed the Malagasy diaspora in Barcelona ​​​​from a communicational perspective. Among the fundamental objectives of his work, there is the purpose of understanding the creation of transnational communities, and the manifest relationships between the Malagasy population in Barcelona and their country through digital platforms. 

Miarintsoa identified websites as well as groups and Facebook pages, created or managed respectively by migrants from Madagascar in Barcelona. Subsequently, he processed the information collected using the thematic content analysis method, which allowed him to codify the thematic and geographical characteristics of these platforms, as well as the political positions expressed in each of them. From these syntheses, Miarintsoa created a panorama of the political spectrum and the concerns that persist in the members of the aforementioned diaspora regarding their country of origin.



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