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CritiCC presentations at the ECREA 2022 conference



Isabel Villegas Simón presented, together with Ona Anglada, María Castellví and Mercè Oliva, part of the results of the research "Creators of digital content and new labor imaginaries". In particular, they presented a communication about the conceptualizations and strategies that digital content creators carry out to understand and relate to digital platforms.

Olatz Aranceta-Reboredo presented a poster, with Núria Almiron as co-author, on compassion and interspecies ethics. They argue that communication (informative or persuasive) can be ethical and promote the development of compassion while blocking compassion through lobbying must be problematized.

Julia Castellano also presented a poster that includes part of her theoretical framework, specifically a reflection on the pragmatic and idealistic approaches in the strategic communication of vegan brands and how both positions can be reconciled through the concept of "Utopia".



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