Back Vítor Blanco-Fernández is currently in Berlin as a visiting scholar at the Humboldt University

Vítor Blanco-Fernández is currently in Berlin as a visiting scholar at the Humboldt University

During their visit, they are working with the Cluster of Excellence “Matters of Activity”, on the projects “Object Space Agency” and the “”. 



Vítor Blanco-Fernández is currently on a research stay in Berlin, Germany. Here, they collaborate with the Cluster of Excellence "Matters of Activity", a research center associated to Humboldt University. Specifically, they are working on the project "Objects Space Agency", and in the center for digital and ludic creation “”.

To the left, Vítor Blanco-Fernández researching in the facilities. To the right, a snapshot from Vítor’s field work in Berlin’s contemporary art scene.

By collaborating in these spaces, Vítor is researching, learning, conversing, and “prototyping” around virtual realities and other immersive technologies. This is a fundamental approach for their thesis, entitled “Digital Speculations, Volumetric Fictions. Volumetric/3D digital images within the contemporary queer debate”.

Their research here focuses on three main lines. First, reconsidering virtual realities as places of queer experimentation, where we can overcome binaries and normative dualisms through the speculation of other worlds, times, and spaces. Secondly, exploring virtual disorientation, trying to resignify it from Sara Ahmed’s theory of queer phenomenology. Lastly, assessing if the body politics framework that they developed in their MA thesis can be applied to body experiences in virtual reality, as well as rethinking it from a digital perspective. 

Furthermore, Berlin not only brings Vítor several research projects and groups related to these lines. It is also a vibrant place for contemporary artistic practices and virtual immersive technologies, which are helping Vítor to experiment, dialogue and enjoy what they are researching.



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