Vés enrere CRES-Seminar: Laia Maynou

CRES-Seminar: Laia Maynou

"Exploring the impact of new medical technology on workforce planning" Maynou, L., McGuire, A. and Serra-Sastre, V. 

  • Date: 09th of May at 11:00h

  • Room: 23.103 (Ciutadella Campus, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona).



Laia Maynou

"Exploring the impact of new medical technology on workforce planningMaynou, L., McGuire, A. and Serra-Sastre, V.

AbstractThis paper considers the manner in which technology is di ffused, with a particular emphasis on the impact on workforce composition as it matures. The lack of quantitative evidence of technology on the medical labour-force limits our knowledge of the full impact of technological change in the healthcare sector. We examine the diff usion of PTCA as it replaces CABG in the treatment of cardiovascular disease in England, estimating the degree to which the workforce reacts to the introduction of the newer technology, through calculating elasticity of supply measures. Using administrative data we trace the complementarity between CABG and PTCA during the mature phase of technology adoption, mapped against an increasing employment of cardiologists over cardiothoracic surgeons. Our fi ndings show evidence of indication creep as PTCA is increasingly expanded to older and sicker patients, and that cardiothoracic surgery, other than CABG, increases in a manner consistent with replacement activity and cardiothoracic employment.





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