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CRES Research. Spring 2018

CRES Research. Spring 2018



CRES Researchers has released the following Working Papers during this season

Llaneza, C. Vall Castelló, J. "Economic evaluations on interventions to reduce road traffic injuries: A literature review" CRESWP#201804-111 [Download]

Vall Castelló, J. López-Casasnovas, G. "Impact of SSB taxes on consumptionCRESWP#201804-110 [Download]

Serra Burriel, M. Manganelli, AG. López-Casasnovas, G. "Economic Analysis of the Efficiency of Valencian Hospital ConcessionsCRESWP#201803-109 [Download]

Saez Zafra, M. Vidiella-Martin, J. López-Casasnovas, G. "Collateral Damages of the Great Crisis in Spain. A Longitudinal Health StudyCRESWP#201803-108 [Download]

Saez Zafra, M. López-Casasnovas, G. "Assessing the effects on health inequalities of differential exposure and differential susceptibility of environmental problems in Barcelona, 2007-2014.CRESWP#201803-107 [Download]

Balaguer Puig, M. López-Casasnovas, G. "Reforming the Welfare State for a fair allocation of public resources. Rights, need, merit and utility. A new Taxonomy." CRESWP#201803-106 [Download]


Has published the Following Papers

Costa-Ramón, AM. Rodríguez-González, A. Serra-Burriel, M. Campillo-Artero, C. "It’s About Time: Cesarean Sections and Neonatal Health”  Journal of Health Economics

Marc Carreras, Pere Ibern, José María Inoriza "Ageing and healthcare expenditures: Exploring the role of individual health status" Health Economics Letter, February 2018,


Has published the Following Health Policy Papers

López-Casasnovas, G. "El interfaz entre los responsables de la economía y de la asistencia sanitaria". Colección Health Policy Papers 2018-04_GL (2018) [Download]

López-Casasnovas, G. "Tres refexions crítiques sobre el futur de l’Estat del Benestar"Colección Health Policy Papers 2018-03_GL (2018) [Download]

López-Casasnovas, G. "Solvència del sistema fiscal i sostenibilitat de l’Estat del Benestar". Colección Health Policy Papers 2018-02_GL (2018) [Download]

López-Casasnovas, G.  Planas, Ivan. "La crisi econòmica i la seva incidència a la gestió dels serveis públics".  Colección Health Policy Papers 2018-01_GL_IP (2018) [Download]