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Comunicació Audiovisual
Carlos A. Scolari has a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics and Communication Languages (Catholic University of Milan, Italy) and a Degree in Social Communication (University of Rosario, Argentina). He is Associate Professor (tenure) at the Department of Communication of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra - Barcelona. Researcher specialized in digital interactive media, transmedia storytelling and media ecology/evolution. He coordinated the Latin American Network of Digital Communication (ALFA Programme, 2004-06) and the H2020 Transmedia Literacy project (2015-18). Author of more than 15 books about interactive media, theories of communication and semiotics of media. His articles have been published in New Media and Society, Communication Theory, International Journal of Communication, Semiotica, Information, Communication & Society, etc. Professor in different master and PhD courses in Europe and Latin America.